How long will the puree remain fresh after it’s been opened?

When stored at 10 °C (e.g. in a fridge), the puree should
be consumed within the next 2 days.

What’s the correct way to store the puree?

Monnami purees should be stored in a cool, dry place. Store unused puree closed, at temperatures of up to 10 °C. Once opened, use it within 48 hours.

How should I serve the puree?

Serve Monnami purees at room temperature, slightly chilled,
or warmed up in a container with hot water. Do not warm a Monnami sachet in a microwave oven. To serve, simply turn the cap counter-clockwise and squeeze the puree out.
We recommend that infants be fed using a spoon. Older children can easily and conveniently drink the puree from the sachet.

Tip: Short freezing will turn the fruit puree into crushed frozen fruit for hot summer days.

Is the packaging recyclable? 

The sachet is made of a multilayer foil that cannot currently be recycled.
Yet this packaging has a far smaller impact on the environment than glass, Tetrapacks and PET bottles. The sachets are lightweight and compact, and therefore transportation costs are lower; the same applies to storage as well as savings on fuel and energy in all stages of the production cycle. 

Tip:  The plastic cap is fully recyclable.

What’s the minimum shelf-life of the puree?

An unopened sachet has a minimum shelf-life of 12 months
from the day of manufacture.

Do your products contain any additives?

No. All Monnami purees are 100% natural products; they don’t contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Are purees pasteurised?

Purees are treated with low pasteurisation in order to ensure
the shelf-life of the product and its trouble-free storage.

Where can I buy Monnami puree?

Monnami purees can be purchased in selected stores from February 2015.

Can purees be purchased online?

Yes! Go to WHERE TO BUY on our website and order online
from one of our partners right now.

Can I become a Monnami distributor?

Contact us for more information on distribution.